Among the Rolling Hills

The soft rubber in my shoes squished as I stepped on the hard bricks. I stopped in my tracks as I looked in the window of a small cottage emitting a warm glow. There was a small stack of books laying on the window sill of the cottage. All around me was a great green field of long wispy grass flowing with the gentle breeze. Looking up, the stars could be seen with miraculous clarity. Being in the rolling hills of Austria does help with that. A man was sitting on a rock eating a jelly doughnut, pondering with his wide rimmed glasses.

-You know what kind of people eat apples? People who aren’t secure with themselves-

I looked at him, then stared back into the window of the cottage. My Uncle Albom walked out of the cottage, which was strange because he lived in Italy. He raised his foot in the air and waved with it, even though both his legs were still touching the ground.

-Hi, Uncle-

The man with the wide rimmed glasses looked at him and said

-Do you eat apples? You do, don’t you!-

My Uncle Albom opened his mouth and a snake slithered out if it and slowly made its way towards me. It spoke to me really slow and then flew away. I could still hear the snake talking to me even though it wasn’t there.

-Heeeelllllooooo. Heeeeellllloooo. Heeeeellllooooo.-

Hearing the repetitiveness started to stress me out. I looked up and the stars were no longer glowing dots but were now straight lines in crooked positions. I turned around and walked inside a large library. Once I got inside a choir was standing there looking at me with no emotion. Wherever I moved, they looked. When I looked outside the windows, I saw a bright day outside with flowers and butterflies, but when I looked out the door, I saw the dark night, with the straight-line-stars giving off enough light to see the rolling green hills. Well, whatever. I looked back at the choir and now they were surrounding me from all sides staring at me.

Suddenly, the man with the wide rimmed glasses walked up out of the floor and said

-Stop eating apples you morons!-

The choir then burst into high-pitched chords. They never changed pitches and it just sounded like loud, very high screaming.

-Heeeelllllooooo. Heeeellllooooo. Heeeeellllooooo.-

The snake was starting to get inside the library, and that bothered me. I walked outside and ran, ran, ran until I found a bus stop in the middle of nowhere amidst the rolling hills. Soon enough a bus came and the driver said

-What are you doing here?-

I just looked at him then took a seat. I listened to music on my phone all the way until we pulled up to school.


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