First World Problems Are Getting Worse

Recently, Judith Miller realized how difficult her life is as a resident in upper-middle class suburban life. She is having a difficult time coping with all her struggles, saying, “I’m just so tired of all this stress. I need to treat myself to a vacation and get away from my stressful life”.

Judith gave us a list of current problems that are “driving her to the edge”:

  • People not arriving to the dinner table on time
  • Having to wait to do laundry because nobody is home and I have to leave
  • The fact that my cat ALWAYS sits where I want to sit
  • Pens that dry up while I use them
  • Eraser shaving that stick to my hardwood floor so I have to sweep them up later
Judith Millers’ letter sent to her therapist

Judith recently met with a therapist in order to help her deal with her struggles. “She just needs time to adjust,” Psychologist Lisa Cohen said. “She has gotten through the first step: recognizing her problems and stressors. Next is coping. She can do it – I believe in her”.

Judith went on to say, “Why won’t those damn scientists invent a pill or something to help me? Life can just be so unfair. I just need some help … with my problems that nobody cares about and I….” The rest of what she said was not able to be heard as she started muttering incoherently.

And Judith is correct – life for upper class residents in America is unfair. Between eraser shavings and annoying cats, life for these people can just seem unbearable at times. First world problems are serious issues, and more should be done to help the people that suffer from them.

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